Friday, October 19, 2012

Oh Hail to the Amitabha Buddha!

With a tiny ignorance shrouded mind, I entreat you, Amitabha Buddha who dwells in the eternal pure lands of Dewachen, to – despite this infinitesimal and unworthy cry for your attention, turn your gaze upon this being lost in the mud of samsara and pluck me, like a bile-covered pearl and place me in the crown of your heart.

Oh Great compassionate being, Amitabha, who hears all! Eh Ma Ho!

Take this pearl that lies dull and lost and imbibe it with the excellent and precious mind of Bodhicitta.

Where the bodhicitta lies unborn, make it arise!

Where it is born, hold it in your compassionate grasp so it can not decline, but ever increase higher and higher!

De Wa Chen Du Che War Jin Ji Lob!

De Wa Chen Du Che War Jin Ji Lob!

De Wa Chen Du Che War Jin Ji Lob!

This sincere request I breath into the fabric of samara. It spirals ever outward gathering velocity and becoming a consciousness in its own right. Although neither samara nor the request exists, it shatters its own illusion and flies as a hummingbird into the gardens of the pure lands of Dewachen where it alights on the heart of Amitabha Buddha. Amitabha Buddha aware of the dream that has touched him reaches out from his reality and lifts the pearl who has called from its delusion, and into the reality of the pure land.

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