Monday, June 24, 2013

Healing to all that wish to receive it.

I extend to the Universe and all beings that dwell within the creation the offer of healing. If you are in need of healing please email me at

My ability to heal comes directly from the universe and is offered free to all those who are lead to receive it.

This is the very first time i have made such and offer but i feel as if the healing path is my calling and guided by the divine Mother and Father I trust that i can bring balance to all those who seek.

I am especially drawn to the healing of fertility troubles so write to me if you feel guided to do so.

With sincerity and guided by love and the highest beings and frequencies of light this offer is made on behalf of the creation, the void, and all that lives between.

All Karma that is generated in this exchange is dedicated to all the beings within existence so that they can come to realize their true Buddha nature and cease to suffer. 

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