Monday, October 20, 2014

Promise of the dawn

She opened her eyes today and the sun rose in them.

No difference, you see, between the dawning and her – the gentle glide of the sun around the curve of the planet, the same as the drawing back of her eyelids from her gaze.

The seer and the seen.

Draped about her, a dragon; the denizens of this place of limitless sky, sea and clear-light.

Awoken, the girl is light merging with light.

The Great Crystal Tree had awoken her – stretched out its light to touch her.

Its angels swooped, not in time with the girl, but dashing about the great tree, flying on wings of light around its branches hung with stars and planets.

The girl had slept, upon the cliff, above the ocean sharing its horizon with the clear blue sky -- but no longer.

The dawn has broken.

She is awoken.

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