Saturday, May 18, 2013

The surprising reason for God, the Universe, and everything.

The surprising reason for God, the Universe, and Everything.

In writing this post I accept I am engaging in a little bit of existentialism not for the purpose of it bearing the fruit of enlightenment, but rather for fun and exploration.

The Idea.

What if our true self outside of existence's (here after referred to as the Creator) true desire is to completely forget that it exists outside of the existence. What if every seeker and discoverer of the true nature of existence actually disturbed the true intention of existence.  What if every time a seeker discovers their true nature (I.e remembers they are the Creator) the Creator erases that pathway to truth over and over again.

Why would we/it do this?

Answer: for the express purpose of bringing into being a perfect existence in which the Creation can not remember the Creator which would allow the Creator to exist in perfect, unbreakable amnesia to his true self.

Self denial of infinite proportions.

This thought occurred to me while exploring the exact opposite of this idea – that the Creator wants us to find him because the moment when we gaze into the Creator as he gazes into us, existing as individuals who are in fact aware they are the other brings about the zero point, the bliss and ultimately the meaning of existence.

This zero point brings about The Holy Trinity which are one – The Creator, the Creation, the Holy Spirit.

As the Creator gazes at the Creation, the spirit of animation (The Holy Spirit) moves through the Creation. When the Creation aware of the Holy Spirit moving within it, turns this spirit of animation back into the Creator, the Holy Spirit moves through the Creator. When the Creation does this the Creator exists, when the Creator breathes the Holy Spirit into the Creation, it exists.

So what is the Holy Spirit?  

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