Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Celestite and Lucid Dreaming

One of the ways I have always wanted to explore my spiritual path is on the dreamscape.  There you can find teachers and face challenges that can help you become closer to the true you.

A few weeks back I was in NZ and felt compelled to buy a small blue crystal called Celestite.  I knew nothing about it, but when I got home I looked it up on the net and was excited to see the stone helped with lucid dreaming and connection to Guardian angels.

I have slept with the stone next to my pillow and to date I have had no less than five lucid dreams since it has been with me.

On the very first night I bought it, I started lucid dreaming.   I was being pulled rapidly up through the sky which caused me to panic.  For some reason I called out to my Guardian Angels (not something I have ever done before) to protect me.  I instantly froze in mid air and woke up.

Every one of the lucid dreams I have had with my Celestite, I have called out to my Guardian angels for help if things were getting too out of control and they have woken me up. 

Last night, I couldn't get out of my lucid dream, and kept waking up but still being on the dreamscape.  I started to panic, so I called out for help, and I woke up for real.

I really regret leaving that dreamscape because it was a very strong lucid dream and I could have got a lot of work done!  However, knowing that at any moment all I have to do is call out to my guardians and I will wake up, has given me more confidence on the dreamscape.

Confidence and self-belief are vital tools when creating your own dreams, which thanks to my celestite and my new relationship with my Guardian angels, are getting stronger everyday.

Anyway I wanted to share because I know there are many seekers out there who wish to lucid dream but havent yet, or at least not as much as they would like.

Wishing you all good luck with your own adventures with finding your own Celestite and your lucid dreams.

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