Saturday, September 22, 2012

The secret of Versailles

Last summer, I had the amazing luck of saving (adopting) a quartz crystal scepter from the waves of a Brittany beach.

I loved this crystal with all my heart, but I felt its journey wasn't finished.

I took this crystal scepter to the Palace of Versailles, in France, and placed it in a tree of three trunks in the centre of the King's garden there.

This is a place of very powerful old trees who have heard the secrets of kings and peasants alike.
 I have "lost" my crystal but I will always have that connection to those old trees in the kings garden at Versailles.  I am now a member of that place of power, thanks to the little quartz crystal scepter that came to me in Brittany.

Always remember that you are the guardian not the keeper of your crystals.

They will carry your memory with them forever, even if you don't always carry them.

Athough the tree depicted is not my crystal tree in Versailles, it is a very important tree called Tane Mahuta in Nz, who is around 2000 years old.

Trees and Crystals are very much the same beings, honor them and they will bless you.

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