Saturday, August 6, 2011

How to change frequency

It is very easy to raise your frequency. Even wearing a certain colour will have an effect.
First go to your crystals and ask them which is the right frequency for you. This should be easy as crystals are energy beings they manifest and gather around their own frequency.

SO you should have lots of a certain type of crystal.

Take this crystal and sit down, eyes closed and place it against your heart, or in your hands (there are no rules) and listen to your heart.

Take that feeling that is in your heart and push it out so that it fills your head and your thoughts. Let more come until you feel you are sitting in your heart.

As simple as that your frequency has started to resonate with that of the stone.

Now you are resonating all of creation that exists on that frequency can commune with you.

My two favourite energies for love are rose quartz and for light, amethyst.

I would love to here your energy stories or if you have any questions, ask!

All who read this will experience great joy today

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