Saturday, August 13, 2011

The perfect imperfections and the segregation of self

Now I am learning that the universe is part of me.
That the hunger I crave for - love, food, drink, objects, spiritual gifts etc. is an illusion of the mind.

How can there be a hole in something that is complete?

Once you realise that the emptiness you are trying to fill is only there because you forgot who you really are, you can take a deep breath and release the barriers and allow the universe to refill what was never empty.

Within our imperfections is the perfection, the universe would not exist if we hadn't acted and reacted in the ways that are hurtful, shameful or egoist.

We only have now so if now is filled with disorder, be content, trust, the divine is perfect within each moment.

All you have to do to win at life is to accept everything good and bad and trust.

When someone annoys me or I am stuck in traffic I see that it is something within me that wants to be released and cleansed.

There is no thing that is not you or related to you, this is your world.

As you become more aware of the divine wonder of yourself you raise frequency and the now that you inhabit raises with you.

That is why you can change the world. Because you are the world.

Think about what’s on the news; famine (is there hunger within you?) Riots (are you battling your self?)

Think like this and soon you will see through the veil.

Help as all to become universal beings today

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