Friday, August 5, 2011

Internet – a global consciousness

The internet is a universe – it is infinite.

It is creation.

The internet allows the world to reach out and receive, share, create. It links our hearts and minds in a web that is beyond wires – it is ether. It is infinite space to create.

What reality can you create today? What universe can you build with your intentions?

Build with love and light.

Love is infinite, the more you give away the more there is. Light is infinite, the more candles you light the more light you have.

You don't know what to build? Or how to build? Look inside. There is one thing that exists, and you are part of that thing. So all that is without is also within you, we all are perfect reflections of all.

So look inside. Find the thing that you wish to create, it exists already there. Build it.

All knowledge. All light. All love.

Remember your highest self already exists. You already completed the circle.

It is possible to manifest with the building blocks of love and light.

The only thing stopping you creating is lack of belief.

You are a unique part of the All. You will be and always have been. The all would not exist if you didn't.

As you are part of the all the all is YOU. If you want all knowledge, if you want to travel the universe all you have to do is close your eyes. There is nowhere where you are not.

love and light is resonating within all that read this.

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