Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Meet the Crystals!

Yesterday I decided to take some of my Crystal friends to Versailles so they could introduce themselves to you! 

I try not to buy crystals, I just let them come to me and I also help them move on when they want/need to. 

I love each one that lives with me dearly and our energy is bounded throughout time so even when one leaves, I can always connect with it.

Please meet Ami, she is a gentle energy that is unveiling herself more and more everyday.

Please meet Rosie, rosie is another crystal like Ami who is with me for healing, he (it) has been shattered by beening molded together from crystal dust (I think).  But everyday he comes into himself more with large thanks to my mother crystal (who wasn't on this trip so you will have to meet her another time.)  As you can see he thinks of himself as quite the stud and he would have liked a more phallic photo but I refuse to go there!

Next are the Crysta Twins, they like being together of course but they have very different personalities.  I think they would have liked individual photos but the larger twin could not decide where it wanted its photo taken.  So I will present them together.

Let me now present Magic.  Magic is a very special crystal (as you can see from the photo) who I leave mostly alone (well of course it gets to sleep under my pillow with the others).  This crystal has a lot of power and at the moment I have not been asked to use it.   Maybe in the coming dark times the world will have need of his light.

So that is some of the gang. 

Three of my beloved crystals have recently asked to go away on assignment so they can't be shown here but know they have asked to be placed where they can help anchor light at this time. 

When you are working with crystals you have to first realise that you are working with entities that are sovereign and ancient.  I am not their keeper but their friend.

Group photo

I hope you all have a wonderful day and experience the joy of spiritual friendships in your life!

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