Friday, August 5, 2011

I remember Mu, or Lemuria as it is more commonly named. I remember the crystal city and the profound pleasure of being loved and loving in a non-verbal way. That’s what I miss most, that sense of home and belonging. That sense of oneness
I believe a lot of crystal beings that are here now remember both Atlantis and Mu.

Edgar Caycee said it best when he warned incarnated Alanteans to be careful of their love of crystals, it was this desire to own and control the crystal powers that caused the downfall of both Mu and Atlantis.

I have worried in the past that maybe my desire, almost craving, to be with crystals was a sign that I wanted to abuse there power.

But I have no fear now, I love and respect all crystalline beings and seek only to be at one with them.

But I ask you. Are you Atlantian or from Mu, or is this your first incarnation into 3d?
I will be sharing my crystal family with you and sharing their stories with you all in the future. I can't wait to hear your stories of being crystalline. 

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